Pain is one of the most common reasons patients seek treatment at our clinic. They’re tired of taking medications or possibly the medications don’t help any longer even if at one point they gave relief. Musculoskeletal pain including back and knee pain are very common complaints, as well as painful menses, headaches, pain with neuropathy, joint and sciatica pain.

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We have also helped individuals experiencing pain in not so common areas, who have been unable to find relief including pain in the genital area, random migrating pain, or pain that shows up and has absolutely no diagnostic explanation, meaning nobody has been able to figure out why you’re experiencing this pain! Research has shown that acupuncture stimulates the brain to improve hormone balance as well as producing endorphins, the “feel good” neuropeptides in the brain that help relieve pain. We use Chinese Medicine diagnostics and determine a pattern diagnosis specific to your body and we use acupuncture, herbal prescriptions, diet and lifestyle counseling to help your body get back into balance and achieve true health.

Women’s Health

Hormones play a huge role in women’s health. We are complex and go through many changes in our life. Perimenopause is a time in a woman’s life that can be very challenging due to hormone fluctuations and imbalance. Symptoms of Perimenopause can begin as early as 10–15 years before menses completely stop. Women in their late 30’s, 40’s and early 50’s may transition in and out of a perimenopausal state many times before they finally enter menopause.

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Common symptoms of perimenopause include: irregular periods, heavy bleeding, hot flashes, sleep disruption, headaches, weight gain and irregular periods. Some of the less common or obvious perimenopausal symptoms are short-term memory impairment or a lack of focus or feeling “foggy headed” and an inability to multitask as well as increased anxiety, fatigue, depression and drastic mood swings. As uncomfortable and debilitating as these symptoms can be we believe this transition can be an amazing time for a woman but it’s often necessary to have support and guidance. It’s a powerful time to go inward and take care of your mind and body in a different way. We enjoy working with women during this time because we have experienced hormone imbalances first hand and know how difficult this time can be. These symptoms can range from annoying to debilitating and we get it. We use acupuncture, herbal prescriptions, pharmaceutical grade supplements and lifestyle counseling to alleviate the symptoms and help you feel like yourself again.…actually be open, you may even feel better than you used to. More about women’s health

Emotional Support

Chinese medicine recognizes that every organ system has an associated emotion and the connection between the mind and body are inherent. Emotions can affect the way the body is functioning and the reverse is also true. We do not separate the mind and body in treatment and therefore Chinese Medicine can be a very effective way for treating out of balance emotions such as anxiety, depression, grief, over-thinking/ruminating and repressed anger.

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Acupuncture can also be extremely helpful with addiction and recovery from substance abuse. The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association auricular acupuncture protocol (“NADA”) is used around the world to help people deal with and recover from substance abuse. We believe you can’t have complete health without having balanced psycho-emotional health and Chinese medicine is a system of health care that is equipped to addressing all of you, your mind, body and spirit.

Cancer Support

For anyone the diagnosis of cancer is both shocking and frightening. The disease has become so widespread that we all know someone who has been touched by it. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in America, killing more than one person every minute of the day. There are many factors that contribute to the cause of cancer, including environmental toxins, radiation exposure, microbial infections, and genetics.

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Contrary to popular belief, genetics play a role in only 20-30% of all cancer conditions. We are learning more and more about the expression of genes and how genetic expressions can be modified through nutrition, lifestyle and mindfulness according to the science of epigenetics. This is empowering news, because now the choices you make to achieve complete health will in turn help diminish your chances of a cancer diagnosis or a reoccurrence. Chinese medicine has been shown to help with symptoms associated with allopathic cancer treatment so you can get through treatment easier and end with a stronger immune system and often a brighter outlook. In 2014, Catherine Aquino was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer and found out she was a BRCA1. She went through chemotherapy and 8 surgeries and she knows first hand how scary a cancer diagnosis can be. She is now healthy and in a place to help others going through cancer treatment using acupuncture, diet and lifestyle counseling to support your body during this difficult time.