Arlene Gillo

Personal Story

Arlene was working as a massage therapist as well as a massage instructor when she was introduced to Chinese medicine. An acquaintance of hers knew that Arlene was at a crossroad in her life and wanted to do more than massage therapy. Her acquaintance suggested studying Chinese medicine instead of going to medical school which Arlene was considering. When Arlene researched Chinese medicine, specifically what an acupuncturist did, she was immediately fascinated, and soon became a student at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine. She loved what Chinese medicine had to offer; its philosophy and holistic approach to evaluating and helping people resonated with her, and she immersed herself into studying it. The program at Emperor’s College provided a strong foundation in understanding both Chinese and Western medicine, which Arlene equally loved.

Prior to graduating Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, she decided to do an internship in China. She went to Beijing for three months and interned at a hospital in the mornings while taking classes in the afternoon. Arlene interned in two different departments of the hospital, the gynecology/obstetrics and neurology. She really enjoyed the gynecology/obstetrics department and this is what sparked her interest in women’s health. She saw many pregnant women finding relief of their nausea, sciatic pain, acid reflux, and other symptoms. Women with varying gynecological issues also sought help with acupuncture. The most amazing experience Arlene witnessed while in Beijing was a Caesarian performed using acupuncture to anesthetize the mother-to-be. Arlene was so impressed by what the acupuncture did as she watched the mother-to-be, who was fully awake on the operating table, smiling and talking to the nurse who was by her side, as one of the surgeons started to cut open her abdomen. It was a thrilling moment for Arlene, and it confirmed that she had chosen the right medicine to study. Her passion for the art and science behind Chinese medicine deepened.

While working at a pain management clinic soon after graduating from Emperor’s College, an opportunity presented itself to Arlene to work with animals. As a dog lover and having dogs of her own, Arlene eagerly accepted the chance to expand her knowledge and experience. She immersed herself in learning more about dogs and cats, their anatomy and physiology, nutrition and commonly used medication prescribed to them. She interned at a veterinary hospital in Pasadena, and a year later worked there as their acupuncturist. She attended conferences given by the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association to stay updated on other therapies available to small animals. Arlene soon realized that the dogs and cats experienced similar ailments as people. They got muscular and/or joint pain, arthritis, digestive issues, anxiety, etc. Arlene finds great satisfaction in helping dogs and cats improve their health and mobility with acupuncture and herbs, while educating their owners about nutrition and lifestyle. She continues to work closely with veterinarians providing acupuncture to small animals in Glendale.

Arlene has enjoyed working with many women struggling with fertility. Her compassion for these women and desire for knowledge leads her to seek continuing education and knowledge in the area of fertility. The more she learned about the integrative use of Chinese Medicine for fertility, especially in preparation for IVF and IUI procedures, the more she marveled at the usefulness of Chinese medicine. Arlene is committed to helping women and men with their fertility through all that Chinese medicine has to offer. drawn to fertility and looking looking forward to on fertility in order to better help women having difficulty with their fertility.


After Arlene received a BA degree in English from the University of California in Los Angeles, she studied Massage Therapy at Nova Health Institute where she became certified. Arlene graduated summa cum laude with a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Emperors College. She is a Diplomate in Acupuncture from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). She is NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) certified from the Lincoln Center in Bronx, New York where she was trained to work with addiction recovery from alcohol, recreational/prescription drugs, nicotine, etc.

Because the state of California requires licensed acupuncturists to take 50 continuing education units every two years to maintain their license, Arlene is always learning and expanding her knowledge, which she is happy to do. She has always loved learning because it’s fun for her and she knows that it can only benefit those she helps.